Structures from the StillAkinoga Press 2018

Demonstrator. Andata Express 2021 (forthcoming)



We Could be Anything. co-authored. Crevasse Books (photography by Scott Hunter2019

Comfort of MaliceInspiritus Press (photography by poet JC Bouchard) 2018  

Kite Extension. Words(on)Pages Press 2017

Any Seam or Needlework. The Operating System (quilt art by Daphne Taylor) 2016  



Four Poems. Andata Express. 2020 

Foreward, Salvage, I Dance Alone. Tokyo Poetry Journal2019 (the reading performance was in collaboration with Morgan Fisher)

Transmission TowerYes Poetry2018

Fireworks. Inspiritus2018

Death Star Shoots its Pistol Down to Earth. Prompt Press2018

TingentBoston Accent Lit2018

Six Poems. Otoliths. 2017

Skating Your WaySea Foam2017

A Curve in ConstellationRicepaper2016

Frost GlossRicepaper2016

The Word RenX-Peri2016

Threads of Grass, StreetbedNomadic Journal. 2014



The Poetry Hour.  Vip Mix Radio Station UK. 2019

Devoid of Gesture. So…Poetry Podcast. 2018

We Who are About to Die. The Ottawa Poetry Newsletter. 2018

[RE:CON]VERSATIONS:: Of Sound Mind. The Operating System. 2016