Full-length Collections

Structures from the Still, Akinoga Press, (2018, forthcoming)


Comfort of Malice, Inspiritus Press, (2018)

Kite Extension, Words(on)Pages, (2017)

Any Seam or Needlework, The Operating System, (2016)

Selected Works

Death Star Shoots its Pistol Down to Earth (Prompt Press)

Tingent (Boston Accent Lit)

A Curve in Constellation (Ricepaper)

Frost Gloss (Ricepaper)

The Word Ren (X-Peri)

Pastel as Words (Half a Grapefruit)

Skating Your Way (Sea Foam)

6 Poems (Otoliths)


Interview On Craft:

[RE:CON]VERSATIONS :: Of Sound Mind :: Process and Practice With Any Seam or Needlework

The Ottawa Poetry Newsletter- We Who Are About To Die


A Poet is Plunderphonics

Anew and Over Again

I Want to Believe