WHERE WE WANDER. Cassette Album [Soundscape & Electronics] Andata Express. Toronto. November 2023

DIVIDED. Cassette Album [Noise & Electronic] Moon Villian Records. Boston. June 2023

IN SUCESSIONS. Cassette Album [Field recording, Noise, Piano] Machine Tribe. Brooklyn. March 2023

MIGRATIONS EP. Digital Album [Soundscape & Electronics Album] The Yuha Archive. Toronto. 2021


SONICFOLIO SCORES [graphic Scores for formless instrumentation]. The Operating System Press. 2023

ASYMPTOTE [piano & electronics]. world-premiere at Experimental Sound Studio. August 10. 2022 

SKY PRELUDE [piano & drone electronics]. world-premiere at Osaka University Concert Hall. October 23. 2022

FRAGILE GLIM [sound, poetry & electronics] world-premiere at the 40th Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. February 10. 2022

DE/COMPOSITION AND THE SOUND EVENT [field recording & soundwalk] with Elae Moss at The Orpheus Institute WinterSound Festival. Belgium. January 22. 2022

POLYNEGATIVE [piano, EBow & speakers] 2021


CROSSVIEW SESSIONS 2.0 [solo piano & electronics, drone] featuring works by Barganier, Crumb, Fujikura, Sakamoto, Yoshimatsu @ IKLECTIK. London. January 18. 8pm

CROSSVIEW SESSIONS. [live scoring & electronic improvisation] with Erich Barganier. Tanna Schulich Hall, Montreal. October 6. 2022

WHERE WE WON’T BE FOUND [piano, improvisation & electronics]. Cedar Improv Series. May 21. 2022

FRAGILE GLIM. [degenerative piano, poetry & electronics] with Alvin Wong. The 43rd Rhubarb Festival, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Toronto. February 10. 2022

LIKE ANY WARBLE. [improvisation, electronics, piano] with Elizabeth. A . Baker. Cedar Improv Series. October 18. 2021

STORIES FROM THE ROOM [Poetry]. Kitakyushu Center for Contemporary Arts. project facilitated by Jasphy Zheng. May 18 – September 25. 2020

CUTAWAY. [poetry, photography & sound] Studio Kura, Fukuoka. June 22. 2019


THE BANFF CENTRE FOR THE ARTS. Alberta. January 15- February 9. 2021

STUDIO KURA. Fukuoka. June 1-29. 2019


DEMONSTRATOR. [poetry & architecture] Andata Express Press. Toronto. 2020 

STRUCTURES FROM THE STILL. [poetry] Akinoga Press. Baltimore. 2018

THE BING. [anthropocene & poetry photobook] co-authored with Scott Hunter. The University of Edinburgh College of Art. Scotland. 2021

WE COULD BE ANYTHING. [Zen aesthetics photobook] co-authored with Alvin Wong. photography by Scott Hunter. Crevasse Books. Tokyo. 2019

COMFORT OF MALICE. [poetry & photography] co-authored with Joshua Chris Bouchard. Inspiritus Press. Toronto. 2018  

ANY SEAM OR NEEDLEWORK. [sound journal & poetry] quilt art by Daphne Taylor. The Operating System. New York. 2016  


DEATH STAR SHOOTS ITS PISTOL DOWN TO EARTH. Prompt Press. issue 5. Iowa. print. May 27, 2020

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TWO POEMS: Threads of Grass, Remaining Figments. Nomadic Journal. print. pages 81-83. December 31,2014


RACHMANINOFF CONCERTO No. 2: Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra. May 28, 2022

YELLOW RIVER PIANO CONCERTO: Ontario Cross Cultural Philharmonic. November 5, 2017

LISZT PIANO CONCERTO No. 1: Mississauga Symphony Orchestra. October 14, 2016


ON DEMONSTRATOR.  interview by Alvin Wong. Andata Express. Toronto. 2020

[RE:CON]VERSATIONS:: Of Sound Mind. interview by Lynne de Silva Johnson. The Operating System. New York. 2016